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Austraclear is Australia's leading settlement system and central securities depository for the wholesale debt market

Austraclear – promoting liquidity and efficiency

The breadth of cash and wholesale physical debt settlement capabilities available through Austraclear makes it an integral part of Australia's financial system.

It is also a major service provider to the Asia Pacific region, particularly through the issuing and settlement of kangaroo bonds.

Austraclear currently services more than 1,000 participants, holds more than A$3 trillion worth of securities, and via a real-time link to the Reserve Bank of Australia's RTGS system, settles on average more than A$80 billion of transactions per day.

ASX Austraclear

Australian Securitisation Forum 2023

Austraclear is your trusted partner in debt securities. The team look forward to joining sponsors, speakers and delegates at the 2023 Australian Securitisation Forum’s annual conference.  Sessions will feature local and international take-outs on market conditions and securitisation developments.

Settling billions of dollars in securities and cash transactions each day.

Auto Unwind and Linked Settlement Demonstration

Why choose Austraclear?


One of the most established financial networks in Australia, Austraclear has a reputation for providing reliable service and near-perfect system availability. Our systems are designed to minimise operational and settlement risk by reducing or eliminating manual processing and require minimal capital investment to implement.


Austraclear is:

  • a licensed clearing and settlement facility under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
  • regulated by ASIC
  • subject to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Financial Stability Standards, and
  • reviewed annually for compliance with its licence obligations and the Financial Stability Standards.  
Real-time transactions

Austraclear provides seamless delivery versus payment (DvP), ensuring an instant and irrevocable exchange of cash and security ownership. This increases client protection, improves settlement risk mitigation and makes trade administration faster and more cost-effective.

Broad participation

Austraclear has more than 1000 participants, representing the majority of the Australian financial market. Participants have access to most Australian banks, building societies, credit unions, nominees, custodians, fund managers, local government councils, insurance companies and major corporations, as well as participants in the energy market.

Austraclear products and services

Austraclear Assured Mode

Assured Mode is a system state that Austraclear can operate in, providing Austraclear users the ability to continue to operate in the event that RITS, or its connection to Austraclear, becomes unavailable.

For more information on Austraclear Assured mode please refer to relevant user guide below.

If you are an Austraclear Participant that settles Austraclear transactions across its own Exchange Settlement Account (ESA) with the RBA or that uses its own ESA to settle Austraclear transactions on behalf of other Participants, please see the Austraclear Assured Mode User Guide - Participating Banks link below:

If you are an Austraclear Participant that does not manage its own Exchange Settlement Account (ESA) with the RBA or manage ESA settlement on behalf of other Austraclear Participants (meaning you rely on a Participant Bank to set your Cash Limits) please see the Austraclear Assured Mode User Guide - Participants link below:

Austraclear's FATCA and CRS implementation

The Australian and US governments signed an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) in respect of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) on 28 April 2014. To support compliance with these agreements and standards, Austraclear applies a range of criteria and reporting obligations to participants and third parties.