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Latest updates

On 5 December 2023, an independent assessment which was provided by EY, on the ‘Define & Plan’ Phase of the CHESS Replacement Project which was performed over the period from February to November 2023 was published. The report is available here

On 20 November 2023, a media release was published following the market announcement of the CHESS Replacement solution design. This media release will be supported by an industry webinar and supplemented by both the 6 December 2023 Business Committee and the 24 November 2023 Technical Committee. The market announcement media release is available here

On 11 October 2023, a communique was published following the first formal meeting of the Cash Equities Clearing and Settlement Advisory Group which took place on 5 October 2023. This communique, along with membership details and Group Charter, is now publicly available on our website.

On 30 August 2023, ASX provided an update regarding the Advisory Group ahead of its first meeting tomorrow. The Advisory Group will be given the opportunity to consider all strategic aspects of CHESS replacement and provide recommendations. Importantly, ASX Clear and ASX Settlement has committed to not making any final decisions on key strategic clearing and settlement issues (including CHESS replacement) until the Advisory Group has had a reasonable opportunity to consider these key issues. The media release on the first stakeholder Advisory Group meeting is available here.

On 17 August 2023, ASX released its full-year results for 2023 which detailed the financial performance of the group and included updates on its priority areas of regulatory commitments and technology modernisation. You can view the financial presentation here with the relevant information on pages 5-8.

On 12 July 2023, ASX  published its special report on the Response to recommendations made in the CHESS Program External Review. This special report was provided to ASIC under a notice issued earlier in the year.  It reflects ASX’s progress up to that point in time. ASX confirms its intention to have implemented all 45 recommendations by June 2024. The media release on the special report is available here.


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ASX will provide information on the CHESS Replacement project to stakeholders through a variety of resources including stakeholder communications, activities and committee meetings.