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The fees that apply in relation to issuers of debt are outlined below and are different depending on whether the debt securities are quoted to facilitate trading (retail issues) or quoted on the Wholesale Loan Securities Market (wholesale issues).

Retail Issues

For retail issues, fees are generally calculated in the same way as for ASX Listings and ASX Foreign Exempt Listings. Fees are levied on the value of quoted debt securities (i.e. the market capitalisation of the entity’s debt securities for which they are seeking quotation) and not on the aggregate face value of debt securities. 

Please refer to Guidance Note 15A for the schedule of fees for equity and debt issues. 

Wholesale Issues

For wholesale issues, the following fees apply: 

 GST Exclusive Fee $AUD
Initial fee (includes quotation of 1st series) 10,000
Subsequent fee for each subsequent series5,000
Annual fee per program6,000
Subsequent fee for each additional program 10,000


Initial fee includes quotation of the first series of debt securities whether or not issued under a debt program.  A program can include a number of series but securities must be issued under a single document.

Please note that no fee is payable for quotation of additional debt securities in an already quoted series.

For further information please see Guidance Note 15A – Schedule 2.

Other Fees and Charges

If companies participate in ASX’s settlement system, they will need to pay CHESS fees. You can obtain the Schedule of Fees – Clearing and Settlement from your ASX adviser or ASX Clearing and Settlement Operations.

If companies participate in the Austraclear settlement and registry system, they will need to pay Austraclear fees.