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Trade reporting and off-market services 

ASX trade reporting facility (TRF) supports the reporting of all off-market and administrative trades by Participants. 

ASX validates trade reports in accordance with the ASIC Market Integrity Rules.

ASX TRF supports, among others, the following trade report types:

  • Trades with price improvement
  • Block trades
  • Portfolio trades
  • Late and out-of-hours trades


Market essentials

Price steps

Unintentional Crossing Prevention service

All orders entered onto ASX Trade must have a price except for orders at market and orders at best. Orders at market and orders at best convert to a limit price after they have been entered.

The price format is in cents, e.g. $20.39 appears as 2039.

Prices are also affected by price steps.

Unintentional Crossing Prevention (UCP) is an optional service on ASX Trade which can prevent on-market executions where a trade would result in no change in beneficial ownership.