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S&P/ASX Agribusiness Index

The S&P/ASX Agribusiness Index (XAG) provides an unrivalled overview of ASX’s primary industry sector in a single index.

What is the S&P/ASX Agribusiness Index?

Agribusiness has always been an iconic part of ASX’s history and identity. From the origins of our derivative market as the Sydney Greasy Wool Futures Exchange through to today’s globally dynamic capital markets, ASX’s involvement in the agribusiness sector is deep and long-standing.

In partnership with S&P Dow Jones Indices, ASX is excited to launch the S&P/ASX Agribusiness Index – setting a new benchmark for monitoring the performance of ASX-listed primary production companies.

Through the Agribusiness Index, ASX is bringing greater awareness to this vital sector. It will support agribusinesses to grow and prosper by enabling them to tap into one of the deepest pools of investment capital worldwide. It will also provide new and exciting opportunities for investors to gain exposure to this sector.

Featured companies

Featuring leading and emerging agribusiness companies across a range of sectors, the S&P/ASX Agribusiness Index sets a new benchmark for monitoring the performance of primary production companies.

The Agribusiness performance benchmark

The S&P/ASX Agribusiness Index is the benchmark for monitoring the performance of the agribusiness sector. Its constituents represent companies involved in the primary production of agricultural products and the production of commodities used as inputs into primary production of agricultural products.

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The S&P/ASX Agribusiness Index tracks the performance of agribusiness companies listed on the ASX. The Index provides a quick way to see the health of the sector, guides financial firms in the creation of index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and helps you gauge the performance of your investments.

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Companies included in the index are principally involved in:

  • the primary production of agricultural products; and or
  • the production of commodities used as inputs into primary production of agricultural products.

All ASX-listed companies that meet the eligibility criteria at a rebalance date are included in the index. The index is rebalanced on a semi-annual basis with a reference date being the 3rd Friday of April and October. There is a 10% cap on any single constituent.

The criteria for inclusion are:


Top 1,000 ASX Listed by Total Market Capitalisation

Constituent selection and weighting

All eligible stocks in the underlying index are selected. Stocks are weighted based on the float market cap with the following constraints:

  • Each company capped at 10%
  • Rebalancing
    • Reference date: 3rd Friday of April and October
    • Effective Date: 3rd Friday of May and November

Eligibility criteria

The following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • 8 weeks of listing history as of the reference date. IPO's & new listings will require at least 8 Weeks of trading history to be eligible.
  • Last 6 Months Median Daily Value Traded >= AUD 80,000 (20% relaxation for existing constituents).
  • The index is designed to capture companies that are defined by GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard).  The GICS categories eligible for inclusion are: Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals 15101030, Paper Products 15105020, Food Distributors 30101020, Brewers 30201010, Distillers & Vintners 30201020, Agricultural Products 30202010, Packaged Foods & Meats 30202030, Pharmaceuticals 35202010, Water Utilities 55104010, Diversified REITs 60101010, Specialized REITs 601010803

The eligibility criteria are designed to ensure the investability of the index by setting capitalisation and liquidity standards and capping participation by any one company at 10%.

The Index is designed to be a broad representation of agribusiness-related businesses listed on the ASX, while also incorporating investability requirements sufficient to support index-based financial products. As a result, it defines an investable universe of agribusiness-related companies listed on the ASX, and can be used to support index-linked investment products. For more info visit Risks and benefits of index-based investments.

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