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S&P/ASX All Technology Index 

The S&P/ASX All Technology Index (XTX) provides an unrivalled overview of ASX's fastest growing sector in a single index

The S&P/ASX All Technology Index (XTX) provides an unrivalled overview of ASX's fastest growing sector in a single index

Featuring Australia’s leading and emerging technology companies across a range of sectors, the All Tech Index sets a new standard for the benchmarking of technology companies.

The key benefits of the All Tech Index 

Coverage of the tech growth theme

By reaching beyond the GICS Information Technology Sector, the index includes other innovative technology related industries such as health care technology and companies operating online marketplaces.

Early access

The index includes companies that have not yet graduated to the S&P/ASX 300, providing earlier access to these smaller businesses that may have greater room for growth.


The index targets a unique, underrepresented segment of the Australian equity market. It exhibits distinct investment characteristics compared to major Australian equity sectors such as financials, real estate and natural resources.


Although broad in nature, the index incorporates investability features designed to make it appropriate for use in index-based investment products. 

Design of the index

All ASX-listed companies that meet the eligibility criteria are included in the index at rebalance which is quarterly.  At launch on 24 February 2020 this comprised 46 companies. The index is designed to capture companies that are yet to qualify for the S&P/ASX 300 and from industry segments outside the existing information technology sector as defined by GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard).  The GICS categories eligible for inclusion are:

  • Information Technology Sector 
  • Consumer Electronics Subindustry
  • Interactive Media & Services Subindustry
  • Health Care Technology Subindustry
  • Data Processing & Outsourced Services Subindustry, and
  • Transaction & Payment Processing Services Subindustry

The criteria below are also designed to ensure the investability of the index by setting capitalisation and liquidity standards and capping participation by any one company at 10%.

Entry criteria

CriterionWhat is itQualifyRetain membership
Minimum free floatThe percentage of the company’s shares that are freely available for trading e.g. not held by strategic or other long-term holders30%15%
Market capitalisationFloat-adjusted for “free float” (see above)$120m$80m
Relative liquidityThe company’s stock liquidity (daily value traded over day-end float-adjusted market capitalisation) relative to the market liquidity (All Ords daily value traded over the All Ords day-end market capitalisation) averaged over the three-month qualifying period30%15%
Minimum daily volume tradedValue of securities traded, median over the three-month qualifying period$250k$175k

*In addition to the GICS classifications companies must meet the above requirements.

Operation of the index

The index is re-balanced quarterly effective the 3rd Friday of March, June, Sep and Dec.  IPOs are eligible quarterly.

Foreign domiciled companies are eligible and will be treated the same way as for other S&P/ASX indices.

There is no cap on the number of companies in the index – all ASX-listed companies that qualify will be included in the quarter after they qualify.  However there is a cap of 10% on any one index constituent.

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