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Energy derivatives

Manage risk or gain exposure to key energy markets in Australia and New Zealand

ASX Commodity Derivatives

Seek to hedge your market exposure and secure cash flow in a volatile world by trading ASX energy derivatives. As renewable energy technologies develop, energy derivatives are critical to helping companies manage complex risks. Trading derivatives on ASX24 is standardised, regulated, liquid and transparent.

Net-zero transition unlocks opportunities in Australia's growing energy markets

The move towards net zero has transformed Australia's power generational mix, creating new possibilities.  To support this transition, ASX is looking to expand it's range of derivatives to help companies. 

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Australian Electricity Market Review - FY23

The shift to renewable generation is driving changes in market behaviours.  Electricity futures provide price transparency, reduced counterparty credit risk and a unique trading opportunity with robust liquidity and contracts that are uncorrelated to other financial markets.



Futures and options providing exposure to key nodes in the Australian and New Zealand electricity markets.

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Fact Sheet - Australian Electricity

Fact sheet - New Zealand Energy


Natural gas futures providing exposure to prices at Australian gas hubs in Victoria and Queensland.

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Fact sheet - Australian Gas

NZ Energy Trader Forum

ASX is committed to the New Zealand electricity market by continuing to support the Energy Trading Forum.  ASX has over 80 energy futures and options contracts to support participants who are managing newer and more complex risks than ever before.

Introductory energy training videos

Market maker arrangements

ASX offers market making incentives to promote liquidity in the Australian and New Zealand Electricity Futures markets, in the form of a share of a revenue pool.

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