How to buy or sell

How does the service work?

  • Review your mFund holding

    Step 1

    Review your mFund holding

    Review redemption information and pricing via the mFund website

  • Contact your broker or adviser

    Step 2

    Contact your broker or adviser

    To request to redeem units

  • Broker or adviser to direct sale

    Step 3

    Instruct broker or adviser

    Your broker or adviser will direct the sale through CHESS

  • Step 4

    Redemption date and unit price confirmed

    This will be sent to your broker or adviser

  • Your new mFund units are issued

    Step 5

    mFund units are sold

    Money is sent to your account

  • Step 6

    mFund confirmation and CHESS statement

    You will receive a CHESS statement showing the change to your mFund holding

Another key benefit

All buy orders, ownership and payment transaction details are managed through CHESS and identified using the investor’s HIN. This ensures that settlement is fast and certain, makes it easy for all parties to keep track of transaction details, and reduces the risk of data entry mistakes and other common errors.

Next steps

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