ASX Code and Company Name Changes 2014

Companies that have changed their name and/or ASX code during 2014 are listed below.

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As of* Old details New details
30 Dec RAU Republic Gold Limited BIG Big Un Limited
30 Dec ORO Oroya Mining Limited DKO Dakota Minerals Limited
24 Dec ORD Ord River Resources Limited VAN Vango Mining Limited
22 Dec IZM Intercept Minerals Ltd XTV XTV Networks Ltd
22 Dec CGU Commissioners Gold Limited GMN Gold Mountain Limited
19 Dec RDR Reed Resources Limited NMT Neometals Limited
17 Dec GRM Global Resources Corporation Limited AMN Agrimin Limited
17 Dec CES Coal Fe Resources Limited AQJ Aus Asia Minerals Limited
17 Dec AIW AusAmerican Mining Limited ARK Ausroc Metals Ltd
16 Dec MEH Merah Resources Limited MNQ Minquest Limited
16 Dec IRG Integrated Resources Group Limited LCD Latitude Consolidated Limited
16 Dec EMA Energy & Minerals Australia Limited VMY Vimy Resources Limited
15 Dec VHL Virax Holdings Limited PTX Prescient Therapeutics Limited
15 Dec SXG Southern Cross Goldfields Limited BOK Black Oak Minerals Limited
15 Dec QNA Qanda Technology Limited CL8 Collaborate Corporation Limited
15 Dec QPN Quest Petroleum NL IND Indus Energy NL
15 Dec MYA My ATM Holdings Limited IWG Iwebgate Limited
15 Dec MNW Mint Wireless Limited MNW Mint Payments Limited
15 Dec EMR Emerald Oil & Gas NL EMR Emerald Resources NL
12 Dec TCQ Trinity Group UPG Unity Pacific Group
12 Dec WLR World Oil Resources Limited ABL Abilene Oil and Gas Limited
11 Dec FGX Future Generation Investment Fund Limited FGX Future Generation Investment Company Limited
11 Dec AEM Artist & Entertainment Group Limited EOR Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery Limited
10 Dec MRM Mermaid Marine Australia Limited MRM MMA Offshore Limited
9 Dec RHP Rhype Limited RHP Rhipe Limited
9 Dec HRL Hot Rock Limited HRL HRL Holdings Ltd
8 Dec MTE Metrocoal Limited MMI Metro Mining Limited
8 Dec GUN Gunson Resources Limited STA Strandline Resources Limited
5 Dec AXC AXG Mining Limited MRD Mount Ridley Mines Limited
5 Dec AVK Argentina Mining Limited TRL Tanga Resources Limited
4 Dec SAT Stratos Resources Limited ADV Ardiden Limited
4 Dec VOR Voyager Resources Limited CJC The Carajas Copper Company Limited
3 Dec WEG White Eagle Resources Limited XTD XTD Limited
3 Dec PMQ Planet Metals Limited CAE Cannindah Resources Limited
3 Dec AMT Advanced Surgical Design & Manufacture Limited AMT Allegra Orthopaedics Limited
2 Dec NFL Natural Fuel Limited BGC Bridge Global Capital Management Limited
2 Dec STS Structural Systems Limited STS SRG Limited
1 Dec TRI Triumph Tin Limited HMI Harvest Minerals Ltd
1 Dec CZD Calzada Limited PNV Polynovo Limited
1 Dec BPO Bioprospect Limited MEB Medibio Limited
26 Nov IBY iBuy Group Limited E88 Ensogo Limited
24 Nov AGK AGL Energy Limited AGL AGL Energy Limited
20 Nov RKS RKS Consolidated Limited SKF Skyfii Ltd
19 Nov IMF Bentham IMF Limited IMF IMF Bentham Limited
17 Nov EZA Ezeatm Limited EZA EZA Corporation Ltd
13 Nov GRV Greenvale Mining NL GRV Greenvale Energy NL
12 Nov UUL United Uranium Limited UUL Ultima United Limited
12 Nov MNZ Mnemon Limited GEG Grays eCommerce Group Limited
12 Nov AKA Australia Minerals & Mining Group Limited ATC Altech Chemicals Ltd
7 Nov PIM Prime Minerals Limited CVT Covata Limited
5 Nov VTX Vortex Pipes Limited VTX VTX Holdings Limited
3 Nov CFX CFS Retail Property Trust Group NVN Novion Property Group
31 Oct SPS Sprint Energy Limited VGR Voyager Global Group Ltd
27 Oct APP APA Financial Services Group AHF Australian Dairy Farms Group
15 Oct VBP Van Eyk Blueprint Alternatives Plus MAX Millinium's Alternatives Fund
14 Oct CRJ Caravel Energy Limited AWW Antares Mining Limited
13 Oct ITT Intermet Resources Limited 1PG 1-Page Limited
01 Oct IAF Ishares UBS Composite Bond ETF IAF Ishares Composite Bond ETF
01 Oct IGB Ishares UBS Treasury ETF IGB Ishares Treasury ETF
01 Oct ILB Ishares UBS Government Inflation ETF ILB Ishares Government Inflation ETF
29 Sep AYM Altius Mining Ltd AYM Australia United Mining Limited
26 Sep RNI Resources and Investment NL RNI RNI NL
25 Sep UNX Uranex Limited MNS Magnis Resources Limited
25 Sep OMI OMI Holdings Limited ICU Isentric Limited
18 Sep TDI Tidewater Investments Limited ARC Australian Rural Capital Limited
5 Sep AIX Australian Infrastructure Fund Limited FGX Future Generation Investment Fund Limited
4 Sep IAW ILH Group Limited ILH ILH Group Limited
4 Sep DSN Desert Mines and Metals Limited PSM Peninsula Mines Limited
4 Sep LER Leaf Energy Limited LER Leaf Resources Ltd
25 Aug AGB Spur Ventures Inc. AGB Atlantic Gold Corporation
22 Aug COD Cossack Energy Limited GAL Galicia Energy Corporation Ltd
20 Aug PIE PieNetworks Limited NWZ Newzulu Limited
18 Aug TPN 3PL Learning Limited 3PL 3PL Learning Limited
13 Aug TYS Teys Limited OAR Oakdale Resources Limited
12 Aug AVY Avenue Resources Limited TRI Triumph Tin Limited
8 Aug TEL Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Limited SPK Spark New Zealand Limited
7 Aug SPE SPI Electricity & Gas Australia Holdings Pty Ltd ANV Ausnet Services Holdings Pty Ltd
7 Aug AVD Advance Energy Limited AVD Antilles Oil and Gas NL
5 Aug HJB Hamilton James & Bruce Group Limited HJB HJB Corporation Limited
5 Aug SPN SP AusNet AST AusNet Services
18 Jul ATH Atech Holdings Limited FFG Fatfish Internet Group Ltd
17 Jul TNR Torian Resources NL TNR Torian Resources Limited
17 Jul AUV AUV Entreprises Limited YPB YPB Group Ltd
10 Jul LTL Linketone Ltd MIH MNC Media Investment Ltd
7 Jul PXT P-REIT BWR Blackwall Property Trust
4 Jul LAT Latin Gold Limited MIG Migme Limited
4 Jul ABZ Australian Bauxite Limited ABX Australian Bauxite Limited
3 Jul SKL Skywards Ltd ZIP ZipTel Limited
25 Jun PDZ Prairie Downs Metals Limited PDZ Prairie Mining Limited
25 Jun MNE Mining Group Limited MNE Metallum Limited
16 Jun ATW ATW Holdings Limited FIT Fitgenes Limited
12 Jun AZF The Australian Social Infrastructure Fund FST Folkestone Social Infrastructure Fund
12 Jun AEU Australian Education Trust FET Folkestone Education Trust
05 Jun YTC YTC Resources Limited AMI Aurelia Metals Limited
05 Jun CNS Centius Gold Limited AWO Ardent Resources Ltd
03 Jun MEJ Macro Energy Ltd DCC Digital CC Limited
03 Jun GGP Golden Gate Petroleum Ltd OGI OGI Group Ltd
03 Jun JMB Jumbuck Entertainment Limited POP Primary Opinion Limited
02 Jun WAS Wasabi Energy Limited ESY Enhanced Systems Technologies Limited
26 May VKA Viking Ashanti Limited VKA Viking Mines Limited
16 May ECS ECSI Limited CXZ Connexion Media Limited
2 May TEY Torrens Energy Limited HPR High Peak Royalties Limited
1 May CGR Careers Multilist Limited CGR CML Group Limited
24 Apr SIU Sirius Corporation Limited MOQ Montech Holdings Limited
23 Apr MDS Midas Resources Limited HMX Hammer Metals Limited
22 Apr AOM AO Energy Limited RHS Reproductive Health Science Limited
16 Apr AVA Aviva Corporation Limited DSX Decimal Software Limited
11 Apr DGI DGI Holdings Limited ICT iCollege Limited
11 Apr GLM Gulf Mines Limited GMC Gulf Minerals Corporation Ltd
11 Apr EQH Equamineral Holdings Limited EMH European Metals Holdings Limited
9 Apr FRR FRR Corporation Limited RHP Rhype Limited
3 Apr MAB Mamba Minerals Limited CIA Champion Iron Limited
2 Apr DIG Digital Performance Group Ltd DIG Asia Pacific Digital Limited
27 Mar INT Intermoco Limited INT INT Corporation Limited
25 Mar GNM Gujarat NRE Coking Coal Limited WLC Wollongong Coal Limited
18 Mar COZ CO2 Group Limited COZ Commodities Group Limited
17 Mar MRX Matrix Metals Limited CAD Caeneus Minerals Ltd
28 Feb TPL TPL Corporation Limited ACJ African Chrome Fields Limited
24 Feb CBP Carbon Polymers Limited BEG Bluenergy Group Limited
19 Feb THO Thomas & Coffey Limited THO THO Services Limited
13 Feb WAG WAG Limited EPA Ephraim Resources Limited
12 Feb AIW Australian-American Minnig Corporation Limited AIW AusAmerican Mining Limited
5 Feb IGB ISHARES UBS Treasury Index Fund IGB ISHARES UBS Treasury ETF
4 Feb ISO ISHARES S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries ISO ISHARES S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries ETF
4 Feb IOZ ISHARES MSCI Australia 200 IOZ ISHARES MSCI Australia 200 ETF
4 Feb IHD ISHARES S&P/ASX High Dividend IHD ISHARES S&P/ASX Dividend Opportunities Fund ETF
4 Feb ILB ISHARES UBS Government Inflation Index Fund ILB ISHARES UBS Government Inflation ETF
3 Feb LRG Longreach Group Limited SGO Stream Group Limited
28 Jan CRV Core Services Group Limited VMX Valmec Limited
24 Jan PTS Platsearch NL VAR Variscan Mines Limited
20 Jan SPA Spencer Resources Limited BPF Bulletproof Group Limited
16 Jan MTU M2 Telecommunications Group Limited MTU M2 Group Ltd
15 Jan HRC Hidroco Limited AGH Agri-Trade Holdings Limited
10 Jan BER Berklee Limited BER Basper Ltd
10 Jan AWK Australasian Wealth Investments Limited AWI Australasian Wealth Investments Limited
9 Jan SEO Sentosa Mining Limited PML Parmelia Resources Limited
7 Jan TUC TUC Resources Limited SPX Spectrum Rare Earths Limited