ASX Code and Company Name Changes 2015


Companies that have changed their name and/or ASX code during 2015 are listed below.

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Although ASX believes that every care is taken in the compilation of the information on delisted it cannot warrant its accuracy and is not liable for any errors or omissions.

As of* Old details New details
29 Dec POK Potash Minerals Limited BUD Buddy Platform Ltd
29 Dec NRR Naracoota Resources Limited ALC Alcidion Group Limited
24 Dec SXT Stratum Metals Limited LPE Locality Planning Energy Holdings Limited
24Dec RGX Red Gum Resources Limited MSG MCS Services Limited
24 Dec MSC Minerals Corporation Limited MSM MSM Corporation International Ltd
24 Dec MFE Magnetite Mines Limited MGT Magnetite Mines Limited
22 Dec SAV Savcor Group Limited EMC Emefcy Group Limited
22 Dec AHD Amalgamated Holdings Limited EVT Event Hospitality and Entertainment Ltd
21 Dec MOO Minto Minerals Ltd SRO Shareroot Ltd
18 Dec ZMG Zingmobile Group Limited PEG Pixie Group Limited
17 Dec NVG Navaho Gold Limited DHR Dark Horse Resources Limited
16 Dec ROY Royal Resources Limited MFE Magnetite Mines Limited
16 Dec ERI Erin Resources Limited MXC MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd
16 Dec FWL Ferrowest Limited LCG Living Cities Development Group
15 Dec SYP Style Limited MTM Mareterram Limited
15 Dec PNX Phoenix Copper Limited PNX PNX Metals Limited
15 Dec MTI Montec International Limited AWY Australian Whiskey Holdings Limited
14 Dec FRY Fitxroy Resources Limited 4DS 4DS Memory Limited
14 Dec CIR Circadian Technologies Limited OPT Opthea Limited
11 Dec DCC Digital CC Limited DCC DigitalX Limited
10 Dec BKY Berkeley Energy Limited BKY Berkeley Energia Limited
9 Dec MWS MDS Financial Group Limited SEQ Sequoia Financial Group Ltd
8 Dec PNR Pacific Niugini Limited PNR Pantoro Limited
8 Dec NOD Nomad Building Solutions Limited OTR Onterran Limited
8 Dec NAG Nagambie Mining Limited NAG Nagambie Resources Limited
8 Dec EBT Ebet Limited ITQ Intecq Limited
7 Dec MRF Mrl Corporation Limited FGR First Graphite Limited
7 Dec ISN iSonea Limited RSH Respiri Limited
4 Dec TPC TEL.Pacific Limited TPC TPC Consolidated Limited
4 Dec EVE Energy Ventures Limited EVE EVE Investments Limited
3 Dec MUM Mount Magnet South NL MUM Mount Magnet South Limited
3 Dec KNE Kunene Resources Limited D13 Department 13 International Ltd
3 Dec IOZ iShares MSCI Australia 200 ETF IOZ iShares S&P/ASX 200 ETF
3 Dec CCJ County Coal Limited CCJ County International Limited
2 Dec YRR Yellow Rock Resources Limited AVL Australian Vanadium Limited
2 Dec WHE Wildhorse Energy Limited SO4 Salt Lake Potash Limited
2 Dec SWA Swan Gold Mining Limited EGS Eastern Goldfields Limited
2 Dec LMB Lamboo Resources Limited HXG Hexagon Resources Limited
2 Dec GRV Greenvale Energy NL GRV Greenvale Energy Limited
1 Dec RBR Rubicon Resources Limited RBR RBR Group Limited
1 Dec SBN Sun Biomedical Limited DXB Dimeriz Limited
1 Dec AUB Austbrokers Holdings Limited AUB AUB Group Limited
30 Nov ERD Exalt Resources Limited MDR MedAdvisor Limited
30 Nov COT Continuation Investments Limited PKA Plukka Limited
27 Nov LLC Lend Lease Group LLC Lendlease Group
27 Nov CYS Chrysalis Resources Limited PIL Peppermint Innovation Limited
26 Nov WSE Welcome Stranger Mining Limited RIL Riddock International Limited
26 Nov MAK Minemakers Limited AEV Avenira Limited
25 Nov ONC OnCard International Limited TFL TasFoods Limited
19 Nov GUF Guildford Coal Limited TER Terracom Limited
19 Nov REH Reece Australia Limited REH Reece Limited
18 Nov WNH Whole New Home Limited KBU Kabuni Ltd
18 Nov CUU Callabonna Resources Limited AQX Alice Queen Limited
18 Nov ACW Actinogen Limited ACW Actinogen Medical Limited
17 Nov SOO Solco Limited GOE Go Energy Group Limited
17 Nov PPX PaperlinX Limited SRS Spicers Limited
16 Nov EGP Echo Entertainment Group Limited SGR The Star Entertainment Group Limited
13 Nov MRN Macquarie Radio Network Limited MRN Macquarie Media Limited
11 Nov BUG Buderim Ginger Limited BUG Buderim Group Limited
6 Nov MNF My Net Fone Limited MNF MNF Group Limited
5 Nov DMY DMY Capital Limited FBR Fastbrick Robotics Ltd
4 Nov TSE Transfield Services Limited BRS Broadspectrum Limited
4 Nov AOC Australian Oil Company Limited SGC Sacgasco Limited
2 Nov FDC Federation Centres VCX Vicinity Centres
23 Oct VGI Vista Group International Limited VGL Vista Group International Limited
23 Oct TRG Treasury Group Ltd PAC Pacific Current Group Limited
20 Oct GIP Gippsland Limited AR1 Arrowhead Resources Limited
15 Oct HAS Hastings Rare Metals Limited HAS Hastings Technology Metals Limited
2 Oct ICX International Coal Limited VPC Velpic Limited
2 Oct DGO Drummond Gold Limited DGO DGO Gold Limited
16 Sep TIK Tikforce Ltd PZR Palace Resources Limited.
15 Sep RSL Resuource Star Limited SRT Star Striker Limited
15 Sep EAF East Africa Resources Limited TPS Threat Protect Australia Limited
14 Sep RRE Rubianna Resources Limited ZML Zipmoney Ltd
10 Sep AZK Aziana Limited BRN Brainchip Holdings Ltd
4 Sep TTE Titan Energy Limited TTE TTE Petroleum Limited
3 Sep MTN Marathon Resources Limited LCK Leigh Creek Energy Limited
2 Sep ONQ On Q Group Limited SCU Stemcell United Limited
1 Sep MGB Magnolia Resources Limited WNH Whole New Home Ltd
31 Aug KRB Krucible Metals Limited TTW Toptung Ltd
28 Aug PXR Palace Resources Limited TIK Tikforce Ltd
28 Aug MOU Modun Resources Ltd LVT Livetiles Limited
26 Aug FOY Foyson Resources Limited FOY Foy Group Limited
24 Aug DIS Discovery Resources Limited AQS Aquis Entertainment Limited
14 Aug RTD Rampart Energy Ltd PGY Pilot Energy Limited
12 Aug ICP Icash Payment Systems Limited STL StarGroup Limited
12 Aug BMY Brumby Resources Limited MZN Marindi Metals Limited
10 Aug MUX Mungana Goldmines Limited ATE Atherton Resources Ltd
6 Aug BKY Berkeley Resources Limited BKY Berkeley Energy Limited
4 Aug IFE Ironclad Mining Limited TYX Tyranna Resources Limited
4 Aug CXB Cobre Montana NL LIT Lithium Australia NL
31 Jul PLD PLD Corporation Limited MCT Metalicity Limited
31 Jul PYL Phytotech Medical Limited MMJ MMJ Phytotech Limited
29 Jul INT INT Corporation Limited AHL AHAlife Holdings Limited
24 Jul SWW SWW Energy Limited OMT Omni Market Tide Ltd
23 Jul VCL Viculus Limited LGR Lanka Graphite Limited
17 Jul PCD PINE Capital Limited SRY Story-I Limited
10 Jul BER Basper Ltd DM1 DirectMoney Limited
9 Jul ESY Enhanced Systems Technologies Limited KPO Kalina Power Limited
8 Jul NLS Narhex Life Sciences Limited RAP ResApp Health Limited
7 Jul WIG Wilson HTM Investment Group Ltd WIG Wilson Group Limited
2 Jul LBY Liberty Resources Limited CNW Cirrus Networks Holdings Limited
1 Jul TNK Think Childcare and Education Limited TNK Think Childcare Limited
29 Jun FOT Fortunis Resources Limited TMP Tech Mpire Limited
23 Jun RFE Red Fork Energy Limited BRK Brookside Energy Limited
23 Jun NRU Newera Resources Limited CZL Consolidated Zinc Limited
19 Jun SLT Select Exploration Limited RNT Limited
12 Jun MRY Monteray Mining Group Ltd NOR Norwood Systems Limited
12 Jun GMC Gulf Minerals Corporation Ltd GMC Gulf Manganese Corporation Limited
12 Jun ESN Entellect Limited KNM Kneomedia Limited
5 Jun EHG EHG Corporation Limited BUN Bunuru Corporation Limited
3 Jun STB South Boulder Mines Limited DNK Danakali Limited
1 Jun CKK Coretrack Limited LWP LWP Technologies Limited
28 May PHW PHW Consolidated Limited TOM Tomizone Limited
26 May GMX Goldminex Resources Limited ENZ Enzumo Limited
19 May DMY Dromana Estate Limited DMY DMY Capital Limited
18 May PKR Parker Resources Limited ENA Ensurance Ltd
13 May ACU Acuvax Limited ACU Activistic Limited
8 May CWG Central West Gold Limited CWC China Waste Corporation Limited
1 May AHE Automotive Holdings Group Limited AHG Automotive Holdings Group Limited
24 Apr LEI Leighton Holdings Limited CIM CIMIC Group Limited
24 Apr CAQ Cell Aquaculture Ltd CAQ CAQ Holdings Limited
23 Apr BGD Boulder Steel Ltd BGD BGD Corporation Ltd
23 Apr AFV Aurora Funds Limited SAM SIV Asset Management Limited
22 Apr CNN Cardio Bioplastics Limited SES SECOS Group Ltd
14 Apr CFY CFT Energy Limited WSG Wolfstrike Rentals Group Limited
10 Apr FFF Firstfolio Limited ECO Echoice Limited
9 Apr ARP ARB Corporation Limited ARB ARB Corporation Limited
7 Apr WBB Wide Bay Australia Ltd ABA Auswide Bank Ltd
2 Apr PMR Precious Metal Resources Limited FCG Frontier Capital Group Limited
30 Mar GRK Green Rock Energy Limited BKT Black Rock Mining Limited
24 Mar COZ Commodities Group Limited SFG Seafarms Group Limited
18 Mar HTX Healthlinx Limited MTL Manalto Limited
11 Mar HAV Havilah Resources NL HAV Havilah Resources Limited
6 Mar GPG Guinness Peat Group PLC CGW Coats Group PLC
6 Mar OGI OGI Group Ltd MUS Mustang Resources Limited
4 Mar TPT Tangiers Petroleum Limited 88E 88 Energy Limited
27 Feb QRL Quintessential Resources Limited YNB Yonder and Beyond Group Limited
27 Feb ACJ African Chrome Fields Limited JKL Just Kapital Litigation Partners Limited
25 Feb CRZ Limited CAR Limited
25 Feb OTE Otis Energy Limited ISX iSIGNTHIS LTD
19 Feb TLU Tellus Resources Ltd CRX Crestal Petroleum Limited
19 Feb CSP Coral Sea Petroleum Limited SPB South Pacific Resources Limited
17 Feb SFP Safety Medical Products Limited 3DM 3D Medical Limited
6 Feb PKR Parker Resources NL PKR Parker Resources Limited
5 Feb WSR White Star Resources Limited SFI Spookfish Limited
27 Jan UCW UnderCoverWear Limited UCW UCW Limited
27 Jan MFC Metals Finance Limited PAK Pacific American Coal Limited
22 Jan BFE Black Fire Minerals Ltd AB1 Animoca Brands Corporation Limited
19 Jan CWG Central West Gold NL CWG Central West Gold Limited
19 Jan QXQ Q Limited CM8 Crowd Mobile Limited
12 Jan OHL Omnitech Holdings Limited KLR Kaili Resources Limited
7 Jan MUT Multi Channel Solutions Limited BGR Bronson Group Limited
7 Jan AYG Anittel Group Limited AYG Axxis Technology Group Ltd
2 Jan CUG Crucible Gold Limited DUB Dubber Corporation Limited