Explanation of ASX chart terms

 Red line example imageThe red line represents the price of the primary security over the requested time frame. The actual price level is shown on the right axis. The chart may not show actual share prices as share prices are adjusted.
Blue line example image The blue line represents the price or value of the secondary security over the requested time frame.
Green line example image The green line represents the moving average for the primary security.
Dark green bars example image The dark green bars represent the turnover for the primary security.
Burgundy line example image The burgundy line represents the volume moving average for the primary security.

Adjustments - The charts are adjusted to smooth out the effect of bonus issues, rights issues, special dividends, share splits, consolidations, capital reductions, or to link historical values that represent the company's primary equity security. The chart also assumes that all company issued options and convertible securities are converted into ordinary shares.

Moving average - The average value of a security over a period of time. A moving average helps to smooth out volatility in a security's price or volume. For example, a 20-day average of closing prices is calculated by adding the last 20 closing prices for the security and dividing by 20.

ASX excludes all liability arising out of your use of this function or any inaccuracies in this Chart, except where liability is implied by law or when liability by law cannot be excluded.