ASX ComNews

ComNews is the only complete ASX-listed company news service, reporting every announcement released by every company listed on ASX directly after it is lodged.

ComNews also provides an advanced announcement sorting and classification functionality that makes it easier to analyse company information, and to access detailed company reports. To find out more about accessing ComNews, contact an ASX Market Information account manager.

ComNews takes information directly from ASX’s market announcement e-lodgement infrastructure, ensuring the fastest delivery of company news released on ASX's Market Announcement Platform. It is the only news feed covering all ASX-listed companies, and is also tightly integrated with ASX price information.

Due to its advanced sorting functionality, the ComNews information feed makes it easy to find the company announcements you’re looking for. Subscribers can also see exactly what has been reported in PDF format – such as graphs and charts, maps, drilling reports and other presentation types.

Subscribers can connect to ComNews using ASX Net, a carrier-based or internet VPN, or through a third-party vendor. Professional services firms can also use ComNews Direct, a web-based service designed for end users and delivered through ASX Online.