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Australian Investor Study 2023

Find out more about changing investor profiles, perceptions and preferences.

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Mapping the evolution of Australian investing

ASX’s Australian Investor Study has been the authoritative guide to the changing profile and preferences of investors since 1986.  

The latest 2023 study surveyed over 5,500 Australian adults. It provides an in-depth analysis and insights into investor attitudes and decision-making. It covers the lingering impacts of COVID-19 on the investing landscape and looks at investments trends related to ESG, Crypto and advice.


The investing landscape in 2023

Since the last investor study in 2020, more Australians are investing in assets other than their primary residence. We are seeing a wave of new investors emerging and a growing interest in investments such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

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Investor profiles


The proportion of female investors in Australia continues to increase steadily and there is even more opportunity for growth among this group.
Find out more about this growing segment - how they are investing, their objectives, and their concerns.

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In our latest study, we find that many younger investors, aged 18 to 24, started investing during the pandemic. However, their recent experiences with market volatility have also formed some of their investment behaviours and perceptions. Find out more about this emerging group.

Scroll through the interactive report below for key insights.


Video Series: Hear from ASX’s experts 

In our video series, we speak to ASX and industry experts about the findings of the Australian Investor study. Watch now. 

The investing landscape in 2023

Presented by Andrew Campion, GM Investment Products and Strategy and Rory Cunningham, Senior Manager Investment Products 

Length 4:47


About the AIS study and its history

Presented by Jackie Slee, Research and Insights Manager

Length 5:14

Trends in ESG investing

Presented by Giri Tenneti, Senior Manager, Listed Company Services

Length 5:01

Digital advice comes of age

Presented by Rory Cunningham, Senior Manager Investment Products 

Length 4:17


How SMSFs are investing

Presented by Andrew Campion, GM Investment Products and Strategy

Length 3:25


More insights

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