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ASX Clear

ASX Clear is the central counterparty for shares, warrants, structured products and equity derivatives traded on ASX Trade or through an approved market operator, and for ASX Equity FlexClear™  transactions reported to ASX Clear

The clearing house for Australian equity markets

ASX Clear is the sole provider of clearing services for Australia’s equity markets, including cash equities and exchange-traded equity options.

ASX Clear:

  • has a long-term AA– credit rating from Standard & Poors
  • is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • complies with the CPMI-IOSCO Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures and the RBA’s Financial Stability Standards
  • is recognised as a qualifying central counterparty under the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s prudential standards for Australian banks, and
  • is authorised to clear transactions for certain customers in jurisdictions, including the European Union and United States
  • Legal Entity Identifier: 549300JQL1BXTGCCGP11

Products cleared by ASX Clear

Cash market

Products cleared by ASX Clear include shares, warrants and exchange-traded funds traded on either:

- ASX Trade, or

- other markets run by approved market operators (AMOs) and submitted to ASX Clear through the Trade Acceptance Service.

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Derivatives market

Products cleared by ASX Clear include:

- exchange-traded options traded on ASX Trade, and

- over-the-counter equity and index option trades registered through ASX Equity FlexClear™.

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Novation of transactions is dealt with in Section 12 of the ASX Clear Operating Rules. The document available here seeks to summarise aspects relevant to how and when novation of transactions occur and also when a transaction may cease to be novated. 

Included in that document is also information on the novation requirement that ASX Clear receives notification of the transaction. This would ordinarily occur by the relevant market operator notifying the trade to CHESS or DCS (as applicable) however in the event of a technical outage preventing such notification this could also occur by alternative means if agreed to by ASX Clear. ASX Clear intends to notify participants by way of market notice as to the approach being taken by ASX Clear in the event of such technical outage, including if trades occurring on an affected market were not being novated. Affected market operator(s) could also take action to shut their market in such circumstance and exercise any cancellation powers under their operating rules in respect of any transactions that are not novated.

Market essentials

Clearing forms

All Clearing forms must be signed by authorised signatories of the requesting Participant/s and lodged with ASX Clear (Futures) Business Operations by the specified time on the form to ensure same day processing.