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Altrinsic launch Global Equities Trust Fund (mFund code: AGA01)

21 December 2015

Altrinsic launch a new global equities fund

Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC (Altrinsic) is a value-orientated global equity manager based in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. Altrinsic is an employee-controlled and majority-owned organisation, meaning they are personally invested in the success of the trust.

The Altrinsic Global Equities Trust is well diversified across company sizes, industries and geographies. Altrinsic search the world, seeking to uncover companies with unrealised value that others may have overlooked. Altrinsic only pursues an investment after in-depth research with a focus on long-term drivers of intrinsic value.

For more information on the Altrinsic Global Equities Trust, and to read the Product Disclosure Statement, please visit the Fund Information page.