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Presima launch Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund (mFund code: PRE01)

1 December 2016

Presima launch a new global property fund

Presima Inc (‘Presima’) is a boutique investment manager exclusively focused on listed global property securities based in Montreal, Canada. With over 10 years' of management experience in the asset class, Presima invests in a diverse range of listed property securities in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Emerging Markets. Presima believes listed property securities provide returns consistent with physical real estate over the long term, but may be periodically mispriced due to market inefficiencies – which its investment team strives to identify using Presima’s disciplined, research-driven investment approach.

Presima Global Property Securities Concentrated Fund (mFund code PRE01) typically invests in a concentrated portfolio of 30-40 listed property securities, across countries, property sectors and securities. The Fund provides investors with access to Presima’s investment expertise and global property opportunities. The global property market is far more diversified than the Australian market, and listed property securities generally provide investors with access to more opportunities and greater diversification across countries, sectors and properties than property investments that aren’t listed.

For further information, please view the Product Disclosure Statement or Fund Profile available at the Fund information page.