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Redpoint launch Global Infrastructure Fund (mFund code: RPO01)

1 December 2016

Redpoint launch a new global infrastructure fund

Redpoint Investment Management (‘Redpoint’) is a quantitative, specialist equities manager based in Sydney. The Redpoint team applies their knowledge of equity markets and deep understanding of risk with the aim of delivering investment solutions that are cost efficient, well-diversified and meet their investment objectives. Redpoint’s investment approach involves an assessment of the quality of each company, including its dividend yield, financial leverage and sustainability.

Redpoint Global Infrastructure Fund (mFund code RPO01) provides investors with access to global infrastructure assets and Redpoint’s investment expertise. The Fund is globally diversified across 100-140 listed infrastructure equities, which is more than most other funds in this asset class. Because of this diversity, it would be difficult for an individual investor to construct and manage a similar portfolio. The Fund’s fees are lower than most actively-managed global infrastructure funds because of the quantitative approach Redpoint uses to identify infrastructure assets and the efficient processes used for making and implementing portfolio construction decisions.

The Fund can help diversify risk and returns where an investor’s portfolio consists of mainstream asset classes due to the differing characteristics of Infrastructure assets.

For further information, please view the Product Disclosure Statement or Fund Profile available at the Fund information page.