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Allan Gray Australia launch Balanced Fund (mFund code: AQY03)

14 June 2017

Allan Gray Australia launch a new multi-asset fund


The Balanced Fund is a great option for investors who are looking for capital growth through a diversified portfolio, but want the convenience of leaving the asset allocation to a professional.

The Fund invests in a combination of select shares, fixed income and commodity investments from Australia and overseas with the aim of providing long-term growth with less volatility than investing in the sharemarket. We have great flexibility and can capitalise when markets are cheap, so when carrying out our contrarian investment approach the Balanced Fund has significant freedom to take advantage of available opportunities. 

This Fund may suit you if:

  • You want to easily diversify your portfolio using a single fund and are looking for fewer ups and downs than investing solely in shares.
  • You can ideally invest for a minimum of three years.

To find out more details about the Fund and its performance visit the Allan Gray Australia Balanced Fund page

For further information, please view the Product Disclosure Statement or Fund Profile available at the Fund information page.