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Schroders launch Global Recovery Wholesale Fund (mFund code: SCH45)

New to mFund
22 August 2017

Schroders launch a new wholesale global fund

Established in 1961, Schroders in Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of UK-listed Schroders plc. Schroders believes that rigorous in-house research will translate into superior investment performance. We believe that internal analysis of investment securities and markets is paramount when identifying attractive investment opportunities. Proprietary research provides a key foundation of our investment process and our world-wide network of analysts is one of the most comprehensive research resources dedicated to funds management.

The Schroder Global Recovery Fund (mFund code: SCH45) applies a disciplined value investment approach offering the following benefits:

  • Unconstrained – the Fund is benchmark unaware
  • Contrarian – the Fund adopts a disciplined value driven approach
  • Bottom up – the investment team has a strong focus on micro analysis, not macro, using skills in company analysis and valuation
  • Low turnover – a thoughtful, patient, investment style, targeting long-term value creation

The Fund invests in companies worldwide that exhibit classic recovery characteristics; companies that trade on low multiples of recoverable profits with good long-term prospects. Learn more about the Schroder Global Recovery Fund (mFund code: SCH45).

For further information, please view the Product Disclosure Statement or Fund Profile available at the Fund information page.