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Bell Asset Managed launches Bell Global Emerging Companies Fund (mFund code BLM01)

New to mFund
1 December 2017

Bell Asset Management launches an emerging companies fund on mFund

Bell Asset Management
Bell Asset Management is a leading Australian boutique investment manager specialising in global equities.  The Melbourne based investment team have been managing global equities on behalf of clients since 2003.

The Bell Global Emerging Companies Fund
The Bell Global Emerging Companies Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of global small and mid cap stocks in a variety of regions around the world including North America, Europe and Asia. Bell Asset Management classify global small land mid cap companies as those with a market capitalisation from USD $1billion to USD $28 billion. They are vastly larger than the types of companies considered small and mid cap in Australia.

Why invest in global small and mid cap stocks (SMID)?
Bell Asset Management believe that global small and mid cap companies may show greater prospects for growth in earnings, and thus share price, than larger companies, while still being large enough to show investment-grade characteristics in their resources, management and governance.

At a portfolio construction level, an allocation to global SMID can offer both diversification and potential superior risk adjusted returns.
Presently, Bell Asset Management are finding more opportunities and better value for money in the small and mid cap space.

Potential Benefits of investing in the Bell Global Emerging Companies Fund

  1. Offers a strong growth option – This sector has been one of the best performing global equity asset classes over 20 years. Historically, growth in Global SMID has outstripped that found in other global equity sectors such as Global Large Caps and Emerging Market equities.
  2. Diversification – investors have typically focused on the most visible large cap and mega cap stocks and may need to think about diversifying away from these companies and gaining exposure to a significant part of the global equity market that is often overlooked.
  3. Lack of analyst coverage – when compared to large and mega cap stocks, this can create stock price inefficiencies and a greater opportunity for active investment managers to discover undervalued stocks.

More Information
For further information on the Bell Global Emerging Companies Fund (mFund code: BLM01) and the opportunities in global equities, please visit the Bell Asset Management website.