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Janus Henderson Global Equity Income Fund now available through mFund

New to mFund
28 September 2018

Access the Janus Henderson Global Equity Income Fund via mFund code: JHI03

Janus Henderson Global Equity Income Fund

The Janus Henderson Global Equity Income Fund (‘Fund’) seeks to achieve a dividend yield that exceeds the dividend yield of the MSCI World ex-Australia Index (net dividends reinvested) in AUD with the potential for long-term capital growth.

Investment strategy & philosophy

The Fund seeks to deliver regular income distributions with the potential for long-term capital growth through its investment in companies that the Manager has identified as having the potential for strong and growing levels of free cash flow. The Fund is actively managed and typically holds between 50-80 companies diversified across geographic regions and industrial sectors.

The investment philosophy of Janus Henderson Investors' Global Equity Income Team is that over the long term, a portfolio of above average yielding companies with the ability to grow their dividends is likely to significantly outperform the broader market.

There are four key reasons supporting this philosophy:

  • Cash flow – companies cannot sustain dividends without sufficient cash flow. Cash flow is harder to manipulate than earnings and provides a better indication of a company’s actual return/value.
  • Contrarian investing – generally, high yielding stocks tend to be undervalued as either they have disappointed the market, resulting in a falling share price and rising yield, or they are mature, low growth businesses. Consequently, investors either underestimate their ability to produce positive returns or assign a too low valuation to these returns.
  • Company management discipline – an emphasis on dividend yields may help company management to focus on the use of capital.
  • Investor discipline – a focus on dividend yields provides a clear valuation discipline for the Team. When the dividend yield of a stock moves to a discount to the market, it forces the Team to re-evaluate the investment.


About the Investment Manager

Janus Henderson Australia is a subsidiary of the global asset management group Janus Henderson Group plc (‘Janus Henderson’). Formed in 2017 from the merger between Janus Capital Group and Henderson Group plc, we are committed to adding value through active management. Headquartered in London, Janus Henderson is an independent asset manager that is dual-listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange. As at 30 June 2018, Janus Henderson had $500.9 billion in assets under management, more than 2,000 employees and offices in 28 cities worldwide.

How to invest – Visit our website here or go to the Fund Information page here


Important information:
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