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New to mFunds: Insight Investment joins the mFund service launching the Diversified Inflation Plus Fund

New to mFund
11 March 2020

Invest in the Insight Investment fund via mFund code: IIM01

ASX Code: IIM01

Insight Investment is pleased to provide Australian investors access to the Diversified Inflation Plus Fund which is now available on the mFunds platform. 


Fund overview

The Insight Diversified Inflation Plus Fund is a dynamically managed multi-asset fund that uses a global macro approach. It invests across global equity and fixed income markets, and gains exposure to real assets for example commodities and infrastructure. 

Fund objective

The Diversified Inflation Plus Fund looks to deliver positive long term returns of 5% per annum in excess of inflation over a rolling five-year period.

Insight Investment launched the strategy in Australia in 2014. The fund size is currently A$250 million  and Insight manages an additional A$2.4 billion in the strategy under separate accounts on behalf of Australian institutional investors.

For more information about this Fund click here.


Who is Insight Investment?

Insight Investment is a leading global asset manager responsible for over A$1.2 trillion  in assets across fixed income, multi-asset and risk management solutions.  

Insight Investment has had a presence in Australia since 1993, and currently manages A$30 billion  on behalf of Australian investors. 

For more information about Insight Investment Australia click here.