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Futures market trading

Explore the advantages of trading on the Australian futures market

New Trading Platform (NTP) - your platform for trading futures in Australia

ASX’s New Trading Platform (NTP) provides unparalleled access to Australia’s futures markets. Providing significant benefits to customers, it offers rich functionality, technical enhancements, improved latency and pre-trade risk management for all products on the ASX 24 market:

  • Interest rate futures and options
  • Equity futures and options
  • Grain futures and options
  • Energy futures and options 



Long trading hours

The Australian market has one of the longest trading hours in the world. NTP is open 21 hours and 50 minutes every trading day, offering debt, equity index and commodity products and a full suite of trading order management functionalities.

Quality products

Access a range of highly rated, globally traded products in the ASX24 product suite - such as our 3 and 10 Year Bonds, SPI 200™ Index Futures, Australian electricity and grains derivatives.

Capital efficiency

ASX Clearing houses offer customers extensive margin and capital efficiency using the SPAN model and portfolio margining.

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