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Media Release: ANZ Strategic Alliance with Medweb

Document date:  Thu 13 Jul 2000
Published:  Thu 13 Jul 2000 17:29:48
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HOMEX - Melbourne                                                     

ANZ today announced a strategic alliance with Medweb Limited, an
internet company developing a health services portal for consumers,
and for medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals.

As part of the alliance, ANZ will invest AUD$3 million in Medweb,
representing 5.6% of the company, and be the portal's exclusive
provider of banking services, while its secure internet payments
facility - ANZ eGate - will provide the online payments service.

The Medweb health services portal will provide:

* Content - health, medical and wellness-related information, plus
  tools for practitioners and consumers, which will be sourced from a
  leading United States based online health content provider;

* Connectivity - establish and facilitate online communication links,
  connecting general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists,
  consumers, and other healthcare professionals, as well as providing
  practice management software for medical practitioners;

* B2B eProcurement - including online catalogues, demand aggregation
  services and reverse auctions;

* B2C ePharmacies - "front of shop" products and services for sale.

Established in June 1999, Medweb Limited is supported by the
Bongiorno Group and its Affiliates, which have relationships with
more than 12,000 doctors, dentists, pharmacists and healthcare
professionals throughout Australia.

ANZ Managing Director Personal e-Commerce, Mr Satyendra Chelvendra
said the investment allowed ANZ to expand the reach of its financial
services, including its online offerings available at by
targetting healthcare professionals.

"Through this arrangement we are able to target the online products
and services we have available to a niche market," he said.

Medweb Chief Executive Officer, Mr Guy Barnes said the investment and
alliance with ANZ is a recognition of the strength of the underlying
business model of Medweb and its established relationships with
healthcare professionals.

For media enquiries, contact:

Michelle Gibbings                    C Guy Barnes
Telephone 03 9273 6190 or            CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
Mobile    0409 655 551               03 9826 9000